The Power of a MEME!

What is a MEME?
An image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users.

There’s no doubt about it that each time a person scrolls through social media, they will be sure to see a meme. Memes are extremely relatable, amusing and as a result will receive likes, shares, reactions and comments.

More and more brands are using memes as part of their social media strategy, here’s why?

⭐️ They humanise a brand by building an emotional connection with their audience.
⭐️ Allow brands to share information that is memorable and fun.
⭐️ They improve engagement from existing audiences and helps to gain new fans.
⭐️ They’re free and easy to create.
⭐️ They go viral and are proven to be effective.


Its now easier than ever to create a meme as they’re turning into phrases instead of common meme images.

The easiest way to create a fun meme is to head over to twitter, type a humorous phrase that targets your ideal audience, take a screen shot, crop and create a new meme image with your brand colours. You can do this using Canva.

Alternatively to stick with a traditional photo meme and create one on tools like meme generator.

If you’re stuck for ideas you could try meme-jacking. This is using an already established meme where most of the work has already been done. You can head over to FB, IG or twitter and search:


A gift meme can also be very effective and easy to search. Head over to Tenor, search and enjoy!

Look out for a meme that your ideal customer might relate too and share! The lifespan of a meme is small, therefore, try sharing at least 3/4 per month to boost engagement.