Hello June!


Hello June, we’ve put together a few ideas that are not to missed when posting this month.


1. Summer Vibes
June is the month your audience is most likely to be planning for summer. Summer holidays, Summer body, Summer hair, Summer activities, you get the picture! Whatever service or product you have to offer, make sure you post about how it can make a difference to their summer!
2. Donut Worry!
June the 7th is #nationaldoughnutday! Who doesn’t love a donut?  Post your favorite flavor, ask your audience what’s theirs, tell a donut joke, or even offer a free donut if they visit.
3. Fathers Day
If you haven’t started posting about this yet, you are already behind! From now until the 16th June this will be on most peoples to do list. Put together a gift guide, get personal and tell your own fathers day story, post superhero quotes, or even run a competition. Get creative yet smart and build a campaign that will get people talking.
4. Shaken not Stirred
The lighter summer nights mean that we don’t want to go to bed. The 19th of June is #Nationalmartiniday! Create a midweek post that will get their taste buds flowing by sharing a martini cocktail recipe.
5. Take a selfie
#nationalselfieday 21st June. Go crazy with this; you could introduce yourself and your team, share team selfies with a simple Q&A or get your fans involved by asking them to take selfies with your product or at your place of business. Hold a selfie competition or post your best customer selfies.

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