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It’s Not You, It’s The Algorithm!

There’s 1 billion people using Instagram and 500million of these are using stories. Don’t be disheartened if you’re not getting the engagement you want when posting. It’s not you, it’s simply because people are most likely not seeing your content! Check out the tips below.


Quality of your content – up your game or change it, good quality photos get better engagement.

Create captivating captions – make the first 5 words count and use emojis. ☺️

Post often – minimum 1 post per day. You can use tools like Planoly & Hootsuite to schedule in advance.

Hashtags – use your 30 hashtag allowance, add your own unique hashtag & and any that are relevant to the image, not the caption!

Get to know your followers – spend time responding to comments, DM the people who like your posts often, engage with them and show that you care.

Post videos – videos get 1200% more engagement than images.



Post consistently – post stories every day, but don’t overload, 5-15 per day is a good number.

Make them beautiful – keep them on brand and create storyboards.

Use gifs – everyone loves stickers, find some that match your branding and then use often, people will eventually associate that sticker to you. ☺️

Add a location and use hashtags – get views from people who aren’t already following you.

Use the poll, quiz, and question stickers – these are the secret weapon to increase engagement on your stories. Use them to your advantage and get to know your audiences likes and dislikes.

Encourage viewers to DM – getting your audience to DM shows they’re interested. This means your posts will rank higher in their feeds.

Collaborate – share stories/posts from others that your audience may like or reshare. Don’t forget to tag friends and customers too!

Join our ‘Beat The Algorithm’ workshop. This will give you a better understanding of how the algorithm works and help you to create a strategy that will increase your following and engagement. ⭐️

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